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SendToPager Messaging Suite

SendToPager is a suite of messaging tools, to ease your business and personal communication. Through SendToPager tools you will send messages to pagers or cell phones with ease, quickly and effectively.

Now you don't have to manually dial numbers, open Service Providers web sites or even use your cell phone, just type in your message and SendToPager will send it from your PC to your friends and collegues!

SendToPager Suite contains compact and handy applications running on all Win32 operating systems (Windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP).

How does it work?

SendToPager provides you the unified gateway to all paging and cellular Service Providers you need. From your home or working place you will send messages with ease regardeless of the Service Provider supported protocols and settings.

Send messages with the SendToPager tools is as simple as A-B-C:

  1. Type in your Message and select an Addressee from the Address Book.

  2. SendToPager will automatically connect to the Service Provider and transmit the message using Service Provider settings.

  3. Service Provider automatically delivers the Message to the Adressee's mobile device (pager or cell phone).

Wide Choise of Tools

SendToPager Messaging Suite offers tools for all types of users, for business and personal purposes, including the lite FREE version.

SendToPager Professional

Automatically send messages from the PC to pagers and mobile phones.
Command Line Utility makes SendToPager be easily intergrated into the different system environments.
Recommended for IT Professionals requiring to add messaging capabilities into the small and enterprise applications.

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SendToPager Gold

Send messages from corporate network computers to pagers and mobile phones.
Flexible Messaging Server and thin Messaging Client within the Windows Network environment will make you business communication easy and effective.
Recommended for offices and corporations from small to world-wide sizes.

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SendToPager SDK

Integrate the SendToPager Messaging Engine into your application and enable on-line messaging.
Recommended for Software Developers requiring to integrate messaging functionality into their enterprise applications.

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SendToPager Personal

Send messages to pagers and cell phones from the handy Windows application.
Your contacts will be stored in the Personal Address Book.
Recommended for Home and single-PC users.

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SendToPager FREE

Absolutely FREE tool for all kinds of users.
Only three contacts can be stored in the Personal Address Book.
Contains handy Windows application and does not require anything more than your PC.

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Messaging Protocols

SendToPager is capable of sending messages thru the following protocols:

Internet Protocols

  • SNPP

Simple Network Paging Protocol, the paging industry standard for sending messages through Internet in the US and Western Europe.

  • E-Mail

Messages are transmitted in the form of the e-mail to a service provider's e-mail gateway.

Modem Protocols


Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol, the paging industry standard for sending alphanumeric messages through a modem in the US and Western Europe.

  • Direct Paging

Call directly to a pager and dial-tone a numeric message.

  • ARC Paging

Call to the Automated Response Center (ARC) and dial-tone pager or mobile number and numeric message.

Mobile Protocols

  • SMS

Send an SMS thru a cell phone (one or more) connected to your PC.

If you have not found the protocol you need in the list, please do not hesitate to tell us.

Registered Users Benefits

EffTex Development offers you a free 30-days trial to evaluate any of the SendToPager tools and if you are satisfied with your evaluation, you can become a registered user.

For Registered Users we guarantee:

  • Full technical support within 24 hours.

  • Get FREE new versions and updates.

  • All annoying NAG-screens will be removed.

  • Messages will be sent as is, without Registration Reminder added.

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