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SendToPager Gold is the corporate messaging tool.
With SendToPager Gold you and your collegues will send messages from the corporate network computers to pagers and mobile phones. Flexible Messaging Server and thin Messaging Client within the Windows Network environment will make you business communication easy and effective.

Recommended for offices and corporations from small to world-wide sizes.

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How does it work?

  • SendToPager Goldp Messaging Server is installed on the server that has a cell phone / modem connected or an internet connection available.

  • From this server the SendToPager Gold Messaging Client is installed on every PC in the corporate network.

  • Administrator configures the list of providers and Shared Address Book.

  • All Messaging Clients connect to the Server and put messages in the Server queue. The Server periodically polls the queue and routes all messages to the appropriate addressees.

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    Client-Server Architecture

    SendToPager Gold Client is a thin-client application with simple and intuitive user interface to send messages, so your collegues will start using it right after the installation is completed.

    SendToPager Gold Server is a server application with the extensive, but intuitive user interface to configure Service Providers and the Address Book.

    SendToPager Gold is using the network installation and the shared Address Book for all Messaging Clients to make easier the SendToPager configuration, maintenance and support processes.

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